Chest Tattoo
Chest Tattoo

Can you tell this girl is really into jewelry? Yes anyone that has a hot chest tattoo like this has to love jewelry because that’s exactly what this is. It is called permanent jewelry and it’s as colorful and majestic as any diamond necklace in existence. I like the big shiny green star as the anchor. Very good choice for its color and it’s size. I like the combination of colors on this chest tattoo because it uses more than 3 and less than 10.

It’s an artsy thing, not sure where the rules of tatto colors originated, but I heard the saying from an old ink master years ago.

You can tell by the look on the girls face she is very proud of her chest tattoo, as anyone should be that got such a nice piece of jewelry. I wonder if the tattoo continues on around the backside of her neck? If it does, then this hot necklace is a one of a kind, because most tattoos like this stop right at the top of the shoulders, that way someone looking from the backside would not notice it at all. That way she can start a new tattoo theme without effecting the front tattoo.

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