28 Mar 2012

Shaded Tattoos

Shaded tattoo designs are not only really sophisticated but they are also some of the more beautiful designs. They give a texture and added dimensions to the body art that just can’t be achieved without the use of shading. But shaded tattoos do pose a particular problem for the artist. These tattoos can be extremely hard to do correctly and should only be attempted by an artist who has experience doing them.

If you have found a qualified artist and want to get a shaded tattoo, then you have a myriad of options available to you.

Just about any design under the sun can be shaded and this includes both black tattoos and colored tattoos. Depending on the artist’s level of skill, there are a couple of time proven methods for a shaded tattoo. Let’s talk about the two most common.

One way an artist can create a shaded tattoo is by dialing up or dialing down the tone of the ink. To make a darker ink a tattoo artist may add drops of black. To make a lighter ink he may add drops of white. Another technique that is used for shaded tattoos is to adjust the angle of the needle. Both of these techniques can be used individually or together to make a shaded tattoo that is both stunning and beautiful.