5 Jul 2013

Traditional Tattoos

Traditional tattoos go by a variety of different names. Some people call them old school tattoos, some people call them vintage tattoos and some people call them retro tattoos. They are all correct. All of these definitions can be properly assigned to the definition of traditional tattoos, so people have a wide latitude in choosing a design that fits their needs.

When traditional tattoos were first inked, they were often looked down upon by mainstream American. They were often seen as a form of art that was only used by criminals, salty sailors and those who lived on the fringes of society.

Luckily, these views have changed dramatically over the past few years, so just about anyone can enjoy traditional tattoo designs with a much more favorable response from society.

Traditional tattoos are a great choice for someone who is looking to get a time tested design. But traditional tattoos do have a number of drawbacks that should be watched out for when getting inked. While most traditional tattoo designs are really cool and have aged very well, there are a few designs that have been dramatically overused. These traditional tattoos are often looked down as being campy and not up to the standards of modern tattooing. So be sure that you are careful when choosing one of these designs.